Did you miss the beta release for Stranger Dreams? Don’t worry, we took plenty of photos, and best of all: You can still play the game!

The beta release night went great for the Dreamfed team. We had plenty of traffic through our station, and especially the booths. They were occupied nearly the entire night with a line of people waiting. The booths we created had individual sectioned off playing areas surrounded by black curtains. They were really allowing people to get sucked into Stranger Dreams! We know that many people didn’t get the chance to play our game due to long waiting times, but don’t worry, if you sign up for our news letter on the home page you’ll get an e-mail for a beta code.

There was plenty to do while our guests were waiting patiently to play the game, though. We had many friends, family, and other supporters come by to see our setup. We had a re-creation of Ben Carpenter’s desk and hand outs of a replica of the Mabel brochure and train ticket you pick up in-game! The tickets featured the beta-code and we also gave away Stranger Dreams stickers as well as some exclusive Dreamfed stickers to those who managed to get through the beta! Overall, it was a very successful and fun night and we want to thank everyone who came by and made it special!