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Beta Release Success

Did you miss the beta release for Stranger Dreams? Don’t worry, we took plenty of photos, and best of all: You can still play the game!

The beta release night went great for the Dreamfed team. We had plenty of traffic through our station, and especially the booths. They were occupied nearly the entire night with a line of people waiting. The booths we created had individual sectioned off playing areas surrounded by black curtains. They were really allowing people to get sucked into Stranger Dreams! We know that many people didn’t get the chance to play our game due to long waiting times, but don’t worry, if you sign up for our news letter on the home page you’ll get an e-mail for a beta code.

There was plenty to do while our guests were waiting patiently to play the game, though. We had many friends, family, and other supporters come by to see our setup. We had a re-creation of Ben Carpenter’s desk and hand outs of a replica of the Mabel brochure and train ticket you pick up in-game! The tickets featured the beta-code and we also gave away Stranger Dreams stickers as well as some exclusive Dreamfed stickers to those who managed to get through the beta! Overall, it was a very successful and fun night and we want to thank everyone who came by and made it special!

You’re Invited!

you’re invited to the…

Stranger Dreams: “The Watch”
Beta-release viewing event

@ the 2012 Media Arts and Science Capstones

Friday, April 27th, 2012
4 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Informatics and Communications Technology Complex (ICTC)
535 W. Michigan Street


We’re holding a Beta-release viewing event for Stranger Dreams: “The Watch”, our mystery, point-and-click adventure game, and you’re invited! Save the date. We’ll have booths set up for you to play the game (experience the story we’ve created), chat with the Dreamfed team, and grab some limited edition swag. There will even be a speaking session where Jackie and I will talk about our trials and tribulations, what we’ve learned about game development, etc. etc., and Q & A.

We’ll have plenty of goodies to handout, so come and get some ultra-rare keepsakes you won’t be able to find anywhere else – except for ebay. If you’re looking for things to sell on ebay, make sure and bring your detachable mustache and plenty of different colored hat’s and coats. No slacking, we’re keen eyes.

It’s really going to be an exciting night. Formally, the event is taking place at the 2012 IUPUI (Indiana University Purdue University) Media Arts and Science Capstone Event (details here -edit as of right now this link has yet to be updated from last year-) which takes place from 4pm to 8pm on April 27th, 2012. This year’s capstones promise to be one to remember as it’s the largest capstone event ever with 70+ young professionals showing off their hard work. There’s bound to be a few gems with such a large sample size as that.

If you can’t make the event, you’re a total xenophobe or you just want some extended time to play the game at home make sure you’re signed up for our mailing list (Subscribe to our Mailing List). The day after the event we’ll be sending out an email to all of our subscribers with instructions on how to download a copy of the game for you to play at home.

Did I mention we have a mailing list?

Artist Callout

With around a month and a half left until capstone night, time is running short. I’ve fought it as long as I can, but I can’t multiply time or myself to get everything done.

This is a callout!

If there are any artists willing to create posters for Stranger Dreams please email me at [email protected] for details.

Multi-Lingual Support

This is just a short note. we’re deep in the trenches now, and our excitement is building. We can’t wait to flip the switch and make the “Stranger Dreams: The Watch” demo live. Even in these final stages we’re still improvising – adding to the experience and the depth of meaning. The thing is still growing – still evolving. The purpose of this post however is to talk about a feature that has been a major consideration from the beginning of development. Stranger Dreams will support multiple languages in so far as the community that enjoys the game would want to localize our game script.

Individuals or groups interested in translating sections of script (text, dialog, captions, etc…) from our game should get in contact in order to receive text documents and instructions for making sure your text documents with translated content work with our game. Email [email protected]

Localization at this point is entirely up to the support of a global community that enjoys the game, but the framework is there. If you want to play Stranger Dreams in your native language don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Raising the Curtains

Revealing something to the world, or at least to your friends and family, can be a scary thing for any kind of creator. We’re faced with the possibility of failure, rejection, and disappointment. There are plenty of artists, writers, and great thinkers who had posthumous success, all because they chose to shut themselves off from sharing their work, it was too forward of thinking for the time, or people simply just didn’t believe in it.

By sharing with you our work on Stranger Dreams: The Watch, we hope that you will take a journey with us through the trials, turmoil, and creation of a game that has been fostered and cared for over the past year. Even though these are the first steps in production for Stranger Dreams, we’ve been preparing for this time since last winter writing our story and doing pre-production work with the hope that we would truly have something worth revealing to all of you. So we hope that with an open mind and an eagerness to take the plunge into a world of strange dreams (as well as realities!) that we can present to you all of our hard work so we may grow as creators and share our knowledge with other aspiring game developers out there.

Time to raise the curtains on Stranger Dreams: The Watch.
Please sit back and enjoy the show.