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Painting A Scene

Today I just wanted to share a little about the my process for painting frames in Stranger Dreams. This also gives me an opportunity to give you a sneak peak of one of the new frames from the next segment of our game. It’s the door to your room in the local hotel in Mabel, Spark & Oats.


My general approach is to do a very rough thumbnail of whatever may be in the particular frame, paint in values, then do color in overlay. My tool of choice is Sai for a good portion of the painting with additional things done in Photoshop such as the wallpaper pattern and any text that we may need. This portion of the game has really been exercising my ability to draw buildings and outdoor scenes, so I’ve been enjoying delving into something I don’t normally do. I can’t stress enough how helpful it is to go and observe things!


Bonus Blog Post: Concept Art

Since there was a brief hiatus on the blog I bring you a bonus heap of concept work from the earliest phases of our game. This spans from almost a year ago to up to what we’ve been doing recently.

There are two items in particular in the gallery that are of special interest. These show the progression from concept to finalized work. Make sure you click the thumbnails to see them in their full glory.