In the development of Stranger Dreams the name “Ben Carpenter”, apparently the main character in Stranger Dreams, keeps popping up again and again. Who is this person? I feel like the answer is always one step ahead of me. I decided to assemble some clues and hopefully learn more about this mysterious man.

A top secret game design document provided by someone with an obsession with making small black rectangles prompted my curiosity:

According to my super secret development notebook:

“The motivation for the player to want to solve story goals should be primordial. It should not be merely because the ‘main character’ needs to for some abstract purpose. The player should have something in common with the main character, the impulse to unravel the mystery.”

This and a candid post caught on the Stranger Dreams Facebook Page revealed a possible player/playee relationship:

Other passages written on loose pieces of sketchbook paper give more clues:

“[illegible] catacombs. Man with a suit. Dingy faint lights…”

We can only wonder whether this is the truth, inane babble, or outright lies.

I’m afraid the picture isn’t any clearer. I suppose for now we’ll have to settle with the rosy concept art on the scrapbook page.