Stranger Dreams™ is an independent mystery, point-and-click, adventure game.


Fate and arresting dreams have brought you, an ex-detective, to the small town of Mabel to investigate a string of bizarre murders. A brave heart and a keen mind aren’t the only things you’ll need as you venture to solve the mystery of the murders and your dreams – Observation and following your instincts are a necessity.
Mabel’s curious residents and scenic surroundings hold clues that help you navigate the dangers that face you. Stranger Dreams: The Watch is part one of a three-part story where dreams hold more than just scattered images.

The Team

Dreamfed Games™ is Jackie Crofts (artwork, animation & writing), Dean Verleger (programming, visuals, sound design & writing),  and other collaborators. Music in “The Watch” composed by computer musician 0rdet and creative commons artist Tom Fahy.

We create beautiful, omni-sensory, story games that transform and inspire. Our goal is to create meaningful game experiences in which the player utilizes visceral decision making skills rather than simply intellectual ones.

Stranger Dreams: “The Watch”™ is currently in development. You can follow our progress on the blog or subscribe to our mailing list to receive important news items related to the release.

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