This is just a short note. we’re deep in the trenches now, and our excitement is building. We can’t wait to flip the switch and make the “Stranger Dreams: The Watch” demo live. Even in these final stages we’re still improvising – adding to the experience and the depth of meaning. The thing is still growing – still evolving. The purpose of this post however is to talk about a feature that has been a major consideration from the beginning of development. Stranger Dreams will support multiple languages in so far as the community that enjoys the game would want to localize our game script.

Individuals or groups interested in translating sections of script (text, dialog, captions, etc…) from our game should get in contact in order to receive text documents and instructions for making sure your text documents with translated content work with our game. Email dean[email protected]

Localization at this point is entirely up to the support of a global community that enjoys the game, but the framework is there. If you want to play Stranger Dreams in your native language don’t hesitate to get in contact.